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  • We’re In Tune With A Toned-Up Kelly Rowland

We’re In Tune With A Toned-Up Kelly Rowland

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We’re In Tune With A Toned-Up Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland has no fear of Friday the 13th. That’s the day SHAPE magazine released its October issue – the one that sports a super-sexy cover photo of the former Destiny’s Child singer showing off her amazing abs and lusciously lean legs!

Kelly, 32, credits her remarkable shape to a “clean diet” and a workout routine that’s heavy on the ab exercises.

The body-flaunting photo shoot for SHAPE is just the icing on the cake for Kelly. She’s not only a judge on TV’s The X Factor, but she’s just released a studio album (Talk a Good Game) and is about to roll out a workout video (her second).

It all adds up to a body of work that’s worthy of praise… and maybe even a few whistles.

So how did Kelly get those chiseled abs?

For starters, she works out as many as six days a week and finds the time to fits in 45 minutes of daily tummy-tightening exercises.

While she may be somewhat fanatical about her fitness regimen, Kelly swears she remains on friendly terms with food – especially her beloved cupcakes.

"I never like to say diet," said the 5-foot-8 stunner. "I like to say eating clean. Listening to your body and knowing what your body responds well to. For me, it's green vegetables or fish. I don't feel like I'm heavy or weighed down or lethargic when I eat. Food should give you energy."

Kelly hopes other women will follow her lead, but she advocates a slow-and-steady approach.

"Women look at a picture and they want that in an instant," she said. "You have to pace yourself and take time."

It’s also important to have motivation. For Kelly, it’s all about looking good… naked!

"Everybody wants to look good naked. That's the goal," she said.

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Kelly’s cover girl coming-out party. A British tabloid is claiming Kelly’s sexy stomach and legs owe their smooth look to a talented airbrush artist.

“Wearing skimpy black bikini bottoms The X Factor judge appeared to be airbrushed, smoothing away the natural contours of her legs and waist,” a reporter claimed.

Kelly didn’t respond to those accusations, but she did offer more insight into her reason for working out with trainer Jeanette Jenkins.

“As I’m getting older, the Rowland family trait of having bigger bottoms is taking its toll on my hips and butt,” she noted. “The other day, [my trainer] had me doing squats that were so hard I wanted to kill her. But my behind is getting higher and tighter. Exercise really does change your body.”

eDiets Chief Editor John McGran has an extensive background in online dieting and tabloid news. He covers the celebrity beat for eDiets.

Photo Credit: ©WENN 2013

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