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  • The eDiets Interview: Dr. Mike Moreno Author of The 17 Day Diet

The eDiets Interview: Dr. Mike Moreno Author of The 17 Day Diet

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The eDiets Interview: Dr. Mike Moreno Author of The 17 Day Diet

Dr. Michael R. Moreno author of the 17 Day DietDr. Mike Moreno is a graduate of the University of California at Irvine and Hahnemann Medical School. He's also author of the best-selling The 17 Day Dieta book that has the world taking notice.

A WebMD review notes, "If diets that promote the same approach day in and day out bore you, The 17 Day Diet may be for you."

Amazon.com proclaims, “If you need to shed pounds fast and in a safe, effective, and lasting way, this is the book for you!”

Dr. Moreno told ABC News, "I think this diet is probably the only diet that is for everybody. And that means whether you want to lose 5 pounds for your high school reunion coming up, whether you want to lose 150 pounds, or whether you're just comfortable with who you are and how you look and your health and your weight, as it is, this is just a way to not only focus on the scale moving, but it's focusing on good, proper digestive health."

In this eDiets exclusive, Dr. Moreno discusses his diet and the reasons it’s become so popular.

eDiets: In a nutshell, how does the 17-Day Diet work?

Dr. Moreno: It focuses on establishing proper eating habits, of nearly everything and anything.  It reteaches us control, proper health and nutrition, nutrition, and portion control.  Most importantly, it does this, and allows weight loss, rapidly at first, but without starvation or extreme caloric restriction, in addition to preventing boredom and plateau during the weight loss phase. It uses caloric or metabolic confusion, much like weightlifters use to work out the muscles, but it uses this shifting of calories to increase fat burning, and boost weight loss.

eDiets: What was the trigger that inspired you to write this book?

Dr. Moreno: Fifteen years of practicing family medicine, and the realization that nearly all the disease I was treating had the foundational element of obesity as a source of that problem.  I am not a fan of meds, due to so many issues, and I believe that diet and exercise is the foundation of so much, and with reestablishing proper diet, nutrition and exercise habits, so many medical issues can be resolved.  Also, the continued rise in childhood issues, primarily diabetes from diabetes played a big factor.

eDiets: What kind of success have you had with this approach to fat reduction and weight loss?

Dr. Moreno: Tremendous success… worldwide! It has led to weight loss of perhaps 10 pounds or less for those who have little to lose, and up to 200 pounds or more for those who are further away from their goal weight.  It has changed the way people look and feel inside and out, and it does this with ease.  I would like to stress that this is a worldwide success, with the book being done in multiple languages.

eDiets: Do followers need special foods, supplements or workouts to achieve the desired results?

Dr. Moreno: Absolutely not. In fact, it is regular everyday food, things readily available at any grocery store, no expensive supplements, no starvation, simple exercise, actually as simple as a short walk to begin. Then, as the weight comes off, more activity will continue and nothing but improvements will occur.  No gimmicks, no supplements, just back to the basics!

eDiets: Why do you feel there are so many Americans overweight – and are there any easy answers to reverse this trend?

Dr. Moreno: Life has gotten complicated… finances, relationships, and the world in general. There are too many distractions, and technology and social media have led to sedentary lives and the desperation to seek easy answers.  Well, the answers are easy, and inexpensive: Proper diet in a structured, healthy, easy to do way, along with simple movement and retraining our minds and our metabolism is the answer.

 eDiets: People are going to read The 17 Day Diet and assume they can solve their weight issues in just 17 days. Why do we all have this quick-fix mentality... and how do we embrace the reality of weight loss?

Dr. Moreno: We live in a quick-fix world, computers, phones, iPads… you name it. We want answers and results immediately, because everything else in life these days occurs immediately. Health and weight loss is the exception, so if you want to achieve successful weight loss that is longstanding it’s not that difficult.  A realistic approach with rapid results and sustainability is the answer.

 eDiets: What should the 3 most important things a person can do to prepare for a diet?

Dr. Moreno: Develop the mindset that it is easier than you think. Know that you will see rapid results. Realize that it is a lifestyle not a diet, and it is a sustainable program for life. Be prepared to wear those clothes you haven't worn in years, or get ready to go shopping. Quite honestly, think about those people in life who suffers from illness they can't control…  Weight loss is FULLY in our control, and we should embrace the health we are given because so many of us don't have this luxury.

eDiets Chief Editor John McGran has an extensive background in online dieting and tabloid news. He covers the celebrity beat for eDiets.

Photo Credits @2013 www.17daydiet.com

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