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  • There Will Be Health To Pay This November

There Will Be Health To Pay This November

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There Will Be Health To Pay This November

Hunky Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews and suave New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz are just two of the many manly men who are giving up shaving this November as part of the global effort to raise awareness about men’s health.

Yes, folks… it’s Movember. The movement that began with 30 friends in an Australian bar now involves more than 1 million men around the globe.

Professional athletes like Matthews and Cruz are just the tip of the mustache. Actors, entertainers and scores of everyday joes join the cause – and grow a mustache – to highlight men's health issues, especially prostate and testicular cancer. The two forms of cancer will affect half of all men at some time in their life.

Participants not only grow upper-lip facial hair, but they also raise money. Last year this mustachioed mob raised an estimated $147 million.

There are two simple rules:

  • Start with a clean-shaven face on Movember 1, and maintain the mustache throughout the month.
  • Joining the “Mo” to your sideburns constitutes a beard and is off-limits, as is joining the handlebars to your chin, which would result in a goatee.

The results have been most impressive. Over the last decade, three million participants have raised some $446 million.

Gillette is a household name when it comes to razors, so it’s no surprise the company has embraced this charitable cause.

This past week the razor-maker trotted out the likes of Matthews and Cruz – and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton – to kicks off its official partnership with Movember and invite men and women to join Team Gillette.

According to an official press release, Mo Bros (men growing out their moustaches) and Mo Sistas (the women who support them) can join Team Gillette by signing up at http://moteam.co/team-gillette

“I'm so excited to be able to participate in this Movember," said Upton, the captain of Team Gillette. "I know Team Gillette will be rocking some awesome Mo's by the end of the month, and it couldn't be for a better cause."

NOTE: Prostate cancer, which tends to be slow growing, is the most common cancer in men and affects mostly older men as opposed to testicular cancer which typically develops in males between the ages of 15 and 35. The American Cancer Society says about 238,590 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed this year.

eDiets Chief Editor John McGran has an extensive background in online dieting and tabloid news. He covers the celebrity beat for eDiets.

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