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  • POT LUCK: Losing Weight With Marijuana

POT LUCK: Losing Weight With Marijuana

by - November 11, 2013 - with 0 Comments


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POT LUCK: Losing Weight With Marijuana

Art Glass says he lost 65 pounds smoking marijuana. Is this a pipe dream or can you really lose weight puffing away on a joint?

Well, there seems to be growing support for what sounds like such an outlandish claim. But it could be just a smokescreen to promote yet another ill-advised way to shed weight.

In The Marijuana Diet, Glass claims that smoking pot "can help anyone achieve permanent weight loss and vibrant overall health.”

He writes, "By smoking only 1 to 3 inhales of marijuana, and including superfood, juicing, green smoothies and intermittent fasting, any reader can enhance their weight loss and shed the pounds quickly and for good.”

Hmmm…. It sounds to us like the superfood juicing, green smoothies and fasting just might have as much to do with any weight loss as the smoking of marijuana.

NOTE: If you intend to become a puff daddy and give the marijuana diet a try, be on the lookout for law enforcement officials who may not take kindly to the use of pot for anything other than… um, medicinal purposes.

While Glass may hail (and inhale) the use of pot as part of a healthy lifestyle, we always thought that the smoking of marijuana led to the dreaded condition known as “the munchies.” We’ve all had friends who braved blinding snows at 3 in the morning just to grab a Twinkie and a Yoo-hoo at the Stop-and-Go mini mart.

Glass, however, discounts the danger of late-night snacking that’s linked to pot smoking.

"Despite the munchies myth, there are recent scientific studies that link marijuana and weight loss. Yes, marijuana smokers do eat more – but they ultimately end up having thinner waistlines and lower blood sugar,” he noted.

What about science – are there any studies to back up his claims?

Well, it turns out that a study undertaken by researchers from the University of Nebraska, Harvard and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center revealed there’s a significant association between marijuana use and smaller waist circumference. The study that was published in the Journal of American Medicine, also found that marijuana users also had 16% lower levels of insulin than their toke-free friends.

Insulin just happens to be a hormone responsible for regulating your body's metabolism of fat and carbohydrates. In layman’s terms, this means pot smokers may be less likely to developing type 2 diabetes.

The jezebel.com website proclaimed, “Finally, a diet plan that's fun and effective!”

The New York Daily News piped up with, “Go ahead and take another toke — the munchies don’t make you fat.”

We say STICK WITH WHAT WORKS – calorie counting and the ingestion of healthful fruits, veggies and greens. By greens we mean the foods that aren’t dried, rolled up and smoked!

In other words, stoner, let eDiets be your drug of choice.

eDiets Chief Editor John McGran has an extensive background in online dieting and tabloid news. He covers the celebrity beat for eDiets… and he doesn’t inhale.

PHOTO CREDIT: ©2013 Dreamstime

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