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eDiets Congratulates The Quitters

by Tabatha Davis - November 21, 2013 - with 0 Comments


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eDiets Congratulates The Quitters

Today (Nov. 21) is the Great American Smokeout. In light of this annual event, eDiets is sending a heartfelt congratulations to all you quitters out there.

Of course, we’re not commending those who have quit their diet, exercise routine or day job. Today we applaud those who have taken the pledge to live a smoke-free life.

The smoking cessation movement really lights up this time of year – it is, after all, Lung Cancer Awareness Month. And on the third Thursday of each November, the American Cancer Society promotes its Great American Smokeout, “which challenges people to stop using tobacco and helps people know about the many tools they can use to quit and stay quit.”

For us, where there’s smoke there’s fire – we are simply angry that so many people still smoke even though the dangers have been well documented. But, we also know that quitting smoking is one of the toughest things you’ll ever do.

Several of us here at eDiets have struggled to overcome this hurdle.

eDiets Chief Nutritionist Susan Burke March said, “One of the best things I ever did is quit smoking.” Another co-worker said that his mom was hypnotized into quitting and she stayed smoke-free for several years!

Speaking as a former smoker, I’ve got to say it is hard to commit to the quit. I’ve probably quit four or five times!

The American Lung Association website notes that most smokers make multiple quit attempts before they quit smoking for good. If you are feeling discouraged by a failed attempt, don’t give up.  It can take many tries.

What really pushed me to quit smoking for good weren’t the hard-to-watch PSA commercials showing black lungs, amputated limbs or people with holes in their throat. My inspiration was a bit of encouragement from my non-smoker friends and family members – they really helped me through.

And though it may be a tad controversial to admit, “vaping” (the use of e-cigarettes) helped me when I needed a crutch.

eDiets recognizes that a healthy lifestyle is just that – a lifestyle. Eating right and exercising are just two of the healthy decisions you can make to enhance your wellbeing. If you’re thinking about giving up cigarettes, there are multiple ways to quit.

Here are a few tips courtesy of becomeanex.org:

  • Make a list of your “Reasons I Want To Quit Smoking.” Post copies around your home, car and workplace.
  • Do one last double-check to ensure that you haven’t overlooked a spare pack of cigarettes in the glove compartment or the pocket of an old coat.
  • Be aware of your smoking “triggers” and be ready for them.
  • Drink tons of water to keep you feeling full.
  • Snack on as many fruits and veggies as you want.
  • Keep your mouth busy by chewing sugar-free gum.
  • Keep your hands busy.
  • Avoid alcohol. Booze is a major smoking trigger.

Please share your struggles and success stories by commenting below.  What worked for you? How did you quit?

If you’re looking for additional resources or ways to quit, please visit one of the following sites:

Great American Smoke Out

Quitter in You

Tabatha Davis is a freelance writer and marketing intern for eDiets. She enjoys writing about health topics and planning social media ventures. Tweet her @TabathaDavisPR

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