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Are You Ready to Make Weight Control Second Nature?

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Are You Ready to Make Weight Control Second Nature?

Susan Burke March is a registered and licensed dietitian, who lives in scenic Flagler Beach, Fla. She is also the chief nutritionist for eDiets.com and the author of Making Weight Control Second Nature: Living Thin Naturally.

Susan’s book – written from the perspective of someone who has battled weight issues – has made quite an impression on a lot of overweight and frustrated women and men. The book was published in 2009 yet popped up on a “top 10 dieting books” list that appeared this year on FoxNews.com.

Since we have easy access to Susan and her sage advice, we tossed together this little interview that could make a big difference for you as diet resolution season fast approaches.

Check out Susan’s advice, then please be sure to grab your copy of this proven approach for living thin, naturally.

To what do you attribute the ongoing success of your book, Making Weight Control Second Nature: Living Thin Naturally?

Among the hundreds of diet books to choose from, I think my book is unique because it’s written from my personal experience – and it shares the successes of other experts and colleagues who have found a way to stay thin naturally

Of course, there’s nothing natural about staying thin in our environment! In my book I share with the readers the challenges and pitfalls common to most people who struggle to maintain their weight. My book is designed to help you understand your own personal challenges that made you overweight to begin with. It’s packed with information that each reader can personalize to suit his or her lifestyle, budget and tastes.  Such a personalized plan allows you to stay thin, deliberately!

Tell our readers what they can expect from this great book?

Get ready! I managed to compress an encyclopedia of information into an easy to read and digest book of ordinary size.  First, we examine attitudes about weight loss and lifestyle, and from there I cover the what, why, and how of weight control. This includes just about everything that matters when it comes to taking control of your food – shopping, cooking, and dining out – plus strategies to work activity into your busy life.

You're very open about your own struggles with weight. How have you managed to stay the course so many years after you "wised up" about healthy eating?

That is exactly the point of my book. I’m no more “naturally thin” than anyone else. So many people think of diet as something temporary. When they return to the way they ate and lived before they dieted it’s typical to regain all the weight they lost – and then some. Permanent weight loss happens only when you permanently change your lifestyle – and that’s what I share in my book. I think this explains why my book has been so popular.  When you give up the old behaviors that made you overweight, and turn new behaviors into something you do without even thinking about it, it makes healthy living second nature.

You're known for your motto "all diets work" so why should we follow the eDiets plans rather than the hottest fad diet to hit the book shelves?

My motto is, “All diets work!” because going on a diet means changing from your usual to something more healthful – with calories appropriate to your unique needs. The first step is to find the plan that most closely suits your own lifestyle and preferences. What’s great about eDiets is that it’s the place to go to find the best diet built for you.

What's your advice for the woman (or man) who feels they are just too busy and overwhelmed to stick with a healthy lifestyle?

So many of us have incredibly busy schedules that make it hard to keep up with work, school, kids, parents, commuting, etc.!  Some of the tools we’ve incorporated into our daily lives make planning and eating healthy meals easier than ever. On eDiets, when you sign up for your meal plan, it takes just a few minutes to review and make any changes you want for your week – and then print out your shopping list or use your smartphone when you go shopping.

My book is a great companion piece to an eDiets eating plan. It provides some great information about eating simply but well – and it has a complete dining out guide. It’ll help you learn the lingo about menu reading and master some simple strategies for quick but tasty meals and snacks. Trust me, a healthier lifestyle gets easier the more you live it.

To get your copy of Susan’s insightful book, Making Weight Control Second Nature: Living Thin Naturally, Simply click the hyperlinked title.

eDiets Chief Editor John McGran has an extensive background in online dieting and tabloid news. He covers the celebrity beat for eDiets.

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