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Doomed To Stay Fat Until You Die?

by Matthew Anderson, D .Min. - December 25, 2013 - with 0 Comments


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Doomed To Stay Fat Until You Die?

The hard truth is you might continue to be overweight or even obese until you die. The stats show that most people (95%) who are currently overweight will probably be overweight five years from now… and 10 years from now… and so on.

Losing weight and keeping it off is an extremely difficult task. You know this and so do I. It is so difficult that most people finally give up and just eat. 

There are exceptions, however.

Some people get fat, struggle with it and then find a way to drop the weight and keep it off. I am one of those people. I am an exception to the “stay fat until you die syndrome.”

I weighed 250 pounds in 2000. I lost 65 pounds over a 12-month period and my weight went to a healthier 185 pounds. Over the last 12 years I have maintained. My weight fluctuates mildly and stays between 195 and 200. By losing the weight and keeping it off I fought off diabetes 2 and became a daily exerciser for the first time in my life. 

So, how did that happen and how can you become the weight loss exception like me?

Here are three things I did that you can do also.

Face the truth: If you do not change you will be fat until you die.

You know you should get rid of that fat but instead you just hate yourself for being a failure at weight loss and then you eat to feel better.

Turn your “should” into a “must.”

This is a simple but powerful statement from motivational expert Tony Robbins. He is completely correct about this. A should, in my experience, is most often a nice idea that you have no intention of doing. It sounds good but action never follows it. A must, however, always produces action. You must eat every day. You mustdrink water every day. You must take a shower every day (well, at least I hope you do).  You know what the musts are in your life and you know you can count on yourself to do them. If you want to live in a healthy body IT MUST BECOME A MUST.

Grow up. One big reason most overweight people stay fat is that they refuse to grow up and accept that maintaining weight loss is often difficult. The child in them runs the show, gets annoyed that this is hard or uncomfortable, and soon gives up. Children in adult bodies will never lose weight and keep it off.  NEVER.  Face this truth and you will be half way to weight loss success. 

OK, enough hard truths for today. Think deeply about these three truths and next time I will give you more. Until then, follow my directions and you will have the best weight loss month you ever had.

Matthew Anderson, D.Min. is a nationally recognized weight loss coach, columnist, motivational speaker and author of The Prayer DietEating to Kill, and Why You Want to Be Fat. He also specializes in helping individuals survive and thrive during major life crises and can be contacted at www.DraUSA.com  or 561-362-4049.

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