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Nutrihand Feature 1Personalized Profile

Enjoy the convenience of having your weight logs, goals, and personal info all in one place.

Nutrihand Feature 2Daily Meal Plans

Search the eDiets Vitabot Ultimate Meal Plan Project - a database of thousands of healthy meal plan options.

Customize your meal plans to suit your unique needs and tastes from a huge and constantly updated food database.

Print out your shopping list or use the mobile app to display your list when you’re at the grocery store.

Use the voice command feature to log meals in seconds!

Nutrihand Feature 3Fitness/Activity Log

Now integrating with FitBit!

Use easy graphs to track your weight, water, exercise, nutrition and more!

Vitabot Feature 4Learning Center

Get educated on various types of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to better understand why your body can’t live without them!

eDiets Vitabot Plans: your very own private nutritionist!

With thousands of top researchers studying nutrition, why is everyone still just counting calories?

eDiets Vitabot Plans' algorithms guide your choices to help you get complete nutritional balance. Designed by a lead engineer for NASA, eDiets Vitabot Plans use the exact same technology developed for robotics. The result is an easy-to-use online program that allows users to set health goals like desired weight - and then plan balanced meals using a food database featuring tens of thousands of choices.

eDiets Vitabot Plans center around an interactive report card that grades how food choices measure up to your nutritional needs in a wide range of categories including weight control, heart health, vitamins and minerals. With eDiets Vitabot Plans you are in control. Vitabot makes it easy to make healthy decisions, choose what you want to eat and find balance with your foods.

This platform serves up a radical new approach

•  Uses the most scientifically powerful technology to completely balance your nutrition

•  Voice Command feature simplifies journaling your foods

•  Convenient shopping list makes dieting even easier

Even more of what you want

•  Create a customized meal plan or choose an existing one

•  Crank out savory suggestions for all your meals

•  Favorites Menus option keep your foods easily accessible

Below is a sampling of meals you get with eDiets Vitabot Plans:

Breakfast: Egg white, oatmeal, and milk
Snack: Apple, almonds, walnuts, and yogurt
Lunch: Turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread and spinach
Snack: Orange, banana
Dinner: Chicken breast with carrots and mixed salad greens with almonds


Want to see a quick video tutorial of eDiets Vitabot? Click the video below!

The bottom line

It’s like ordering at a restaurant, except your eDiets Vitabot Plan nudges you towards the best choices on the menu.

Make smart choices with eDiets Vitabot.

Lose weight, get in shape and become a healthier you!

The Takeaway

For only $9.95 a month you receive a membership to eDiets.com. With eDiets, you can change to any plan we offer at any time!

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Only $9.95/month