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Holly Madison Diet Feature 1Personalized Profile

Enjoy the convenience of having your weight logs, goals, and easy reporting all in one place. 

Holly Madison Diet Feature 2Daily Meal Plans

The Holly Madison Diet is perfect for busy women on the go, and even for pregnant or nursing moms.

Customize Holly’s menu to suit your unique needs and tastes from a huge and constantly  updated food database.

Print out your shopping list or use the mobile app to display your list when you’re at the grocery store.

Enjoy easy-to-follow recipes, including many of Holly’s favorites!

Holly Madison Diet Feature 3Fitness/Activity Log

Set goals for fitness (aerobic, flexibility and strength)

Choose your favorite activities and get motivated by graphing progress.

Holly Madison Diet Feature 4Medical Profile

Keep an overview of your medical history and current issues.


The Best Diet for
New Moms & Busy Women 
on the Go!

Whether you’re pregnant, nursing or looking to lose weight, the Holly Madison Diet is SO right for you!

When Holly Madison was pregnant with her daughter she made a life-changing decision.

Holly says, “When I found out I was pregnant with Rainbow, I decided I needed to make healthy choices not only for myself, but for this amazing miracle. It was those choices that helped me to bounce back so quickly.”

And bounce back quickly she has, losing 30 pounds just 6 weeks after giving birth.*

But it wasn’t from spending hours at the gym that Holly shed the pounds. Nope. Holly got her pre-baby body back by making healthy food choices combined with simple exercises.

And now, Holly Madison has partnered exclusively with eDiets so that you can do the same!

Introducing the
Holly Madison Diet!

The Holly Madison Diet is a healthy lifestyle approach designed for ALL women who want to lose weight, live healthy, feel energized, get in shape and stay that way -- no matter how busy life gets.

“This diet is perfect for everyone, even those who are pregnant and nursing. No woman, or man, is left behind,” says Holly.

And with such a delicious menu of invigorating foods to choose from, the Holly Madison Diet is super easy to follow.

In Holly’s World,
Holly Chooses Healthy.

With the Holly Madison Diet, you’ll be treated to a delicious menu of energizing fruits, fresh veggies, and nutrient-packed smoothies, all balanced with a carte du jour of lean protein, unprocessed carbs, and healthy fats.

Spread between 3 balanced meals and 3 delightful snacks every day, you’ll never feel hungry from one meal to the next. And with so many yummy dishes to choose from, including many of Holly’s very own personal favorites, you’ll never get bored!

Holly’s Diet. Your Way!

Now here’s something you can’t do with most other meal plans.

With the Holly Madison Diet, you get to customize Holly’s menu to your very own likes and tastes. So you’re never stuck eating foods you don’t enjoy.

Perfect for
Pregnant Women

Like Holly, you too can start making healthier food choices before welcoming your precious miracle into this world.

With the Holly Madison Diet, you and your baby will be treated to the best nutrition possible as you work toward maintaining a healthy pregnancy weight.

And Nursing Moms Too!

As a nursing mom, Holly knows that simply reducing calories is not a smart solution for weight loss.

When breastfeeding, getting sufficient calories counts. That’s why, if you’re a nursing mom, you’ll receive a maintenance-level calorie diet.

Because breastfeeding naturally burns 500 calories a day, your baby will receive all the proper nutrition needed to support healthy development as you get your pre-baby body back into full swing.**

Go Mobile 
with Holly

Holly knows just how easy it is to make poor food choices when dining out. So Holly keeps her menu in mind wherever she goes. And now, you can do the same.

With your iPhone or Android handy, you can quickly and easily access your Holly Madison Diet. Choosing healthy wherever you go has never been easier!

Join me today 
and let’s do this together!

Below is a sampling of meals you get with the Holly Madison Diet:

Breakfast: Egg and vegetable omelet, orange
Snack: Yogurt, wheat germ cereal
Lunch: Grilled swiss cheese & tomato sandwich, spinach salad with italian dressing
Snack: Fruit salad
Dinner: Broiled Halibut, cooked kale, & strawberries


Want to see a quick video tutorial of The Holly Madison Diet? Click the video below!


If Holly can do it, you can do it too! When you sign up for the Holly Madison Diet, it’s like getting a personal assistant -- with all you need to reach your weight loss and healthy living goals.

✓ Delicious meals and nutritious snacks custom designed to meet your health and fitness needs -- all delivered right to your account!

✓ Easy-to-follow recipes, including many of Holly’s personal favorites!

✓ Simple, time-efficient fitness plans and workouts for your busy schedule!

✓ Easy and intuitive nutrition and fitness trackers to track your success!

✓ Print your shopping list to make grocery shopping a breeze!

✓ Holly’s best fitness tips and inspiration to help keep you motivated!

✓ Easy access to your Holly Madison Diet on your iPhone or Android, making it even easier to eat out and stay on track!

 * Holly lost 30lbs in 6 weeks on the Holly Madison Diet. Customers have reported a weight-loss of 1-2lbs/week however actual results may vary depending on individual use and characteristics. If your goal is weight loss, health experts recommend not exceeding an average of about 3 pounds a week.

** Visit your doctor or healthcare provider while breastfeeding to keep track of your weight and advise on your weight loss rate.

The Takeaway

For only $9.95 a month you receive a membership to The Holly Madison Diet, which includes an easy to follow meal plan with thousands of recipes including some of Holly's favorites! Also includes: Fitness Plans and Journaling, Tips, Inspiration and more!

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Only $9.95/month