Do you have a program for pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Yes we do! The Holly Madison Diet! Holly is a busy businesswoman, actress, and fitness enthusiast. Her adorable new daughter, Rainbow, is testiment to her healthy lifestyle, and Holly is excited to share her successful lifestyle with eDiets members. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are times for good nutrition. The Holly Madison Diet guides you through pre-pregnancy, then supports your healthy term with calories appropriate for each trimester. After you deliver, depending on your choice, you'll get a meal plan with calories for nursing. When you are ready, your Holly Madison Diet will help you lose the baby weight and stay fit.

eDiets Vitabot is another great option for pregnant and nursing mothers. With a simple update to your personal profile, eDiets Vitabot uses NASA engineered technology to calculate the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and calories your body needs to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy, and after!

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