eDiets Points

eDiets Points let you share eDiets articles, weight loss plans, and products across your social network. Cast your vote and earn influence points that you will be able to redeem for discounts in the eDiets Shop.

A Facebook Like is worth 200 points, or you can Facebook Share, Tweet, Pin or +1 on Google+ to earn 100 points. A product or article rating (coming soon) is worth 50 points.

Click on one of the social sharing buttons to get started. If you haven’t signed in to eDiets.com, a popup let’s you do that. You have to be a registered eDiets user in order for us to track your points.  Next, you are brought to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ to share the article or product. It’s really simple and we prompt you all the way through. There, you earned your first points!

To redeem points (coming soon), select a product in the eDiets Shop and click on Redeem Now to receive a discount.

The more you share with your social networks, the more you can save on eDiets products!