How Do I Sign In or Create a New Account With eDiets?

When you first arrive on the eDiets site and wish to sign in or become a member, click on the 'SIGN IN' button on the top right.


This will take you to the Account Sign In page. If you do not already have an account with eDiets, click the 'REGISTER' button just below the sign in box.


Enter your email address you'd like the account to be associated with, name, and create a password.


You will now see a page that will prompt you to check your email for verification.


You should then receive a confirmation email from eDiets. Click on 'YES, SUBSCRIBE ME TO THIS LIST'.


A new window will appear that will allow you to either manage your eDiets Newsletter preferences (not your main eDiets account information), or you may continue to the website.


You are now back to the eDiets website. Click the 'SIGN IN' button and use your new email and password to log in.


Navigate to the My Account page. If you're not there, you may access it by clicking on the blue 'MY PLANS' button on the top right. Once you are on the My Account page, you will notice that you have no subscriptions found. To sign up for a meal plan, click on the 'DIETS' button on the top naviagtion bar.


You are now on our All Diets page. From here, you have the option to fill out our FREE DIET PROFILE, which will suggest the top meal plans best suited to your preferences. You may also select any of the platform options and learn about what each has to offer.


Whether you take our FREE DIET PROFILE or select a plan option, you'll be able to view the plan's page to get more information. Remember... once you've signed up for a meal plan option, you still have the ability to switch between different options for no additional cost! When you're ready, click on the red 'SIGN UP' button.


You will then be taken to our Plan Subscription page, where you will fill out your billing information.


Once the form is submitted and approved, you will be taken back to your My Account page. You'll notice that you now have a subscription, and can click on the red 'MY MEAL PLAN' button to launch your platform. Any time you log on to eDiets and wish to access your meal plans, this is where you may do so. On the My Account page, you also have access to change your plan, update credit card info, change your password, or cancel your account.

For additional help, search our KNOWLEDGE BASE in the FAQ area. If you still need assistance, feel free to email our help team at: