How do I substitute an item on my meal plan?

PDF Document Print this Substitution List to make healthy choices when you want to change an item on your meal plan

With eDiets, you have the choice of two platforms, Nutrihand or Vitabot. Both platforms allow you to modify your menu and edit as necessary. If you dine out or if you want to choose different menu items, just click on the menu item to see how many calories it has - and then find foods that contain approximately the same calories. So, for example, if your menu calls for a cup of soup that has about 150-200 calories, and you'd like a salad with tuna, then search for salad, then tuna, and add them to your menu.  
Dining out is always an approximation of calories, as is your own menu. Using the search database is actually a great way to learn about the nutrition value of different foods, and how portions affect the calories - and helps you learn how to fit different foods into your menu so you can dine out and still stay within the calorie limits and reach your healthy weight goals.

If you can't find a good substituion on the platform, you can use the substitution list below for more options.

Please Select a Substitution Category:


Portion Size

All foods are listed with their portion serving size, such as one cup or one ounce, etc, usually measured after cooking.

Here is an important tip: Begin by learning portions.  Break out your measuring cups and food scale: weight and measure your food for a week or so, and “see” what a 1-cup serving of dry cereal really looks like;  learn what a three-ounce serving of meat looks like (a deck of cards). This way you'll be able to go out to eat, choose your portions and stay with your plan. Here is a great resource from the USDA to learn more about portion size. 

Interchangeable Meals

All eDiets meals in your meal plan are interchangeable. We suggest that you print out and keep your favorite menus and recipes for reference. You can use them as substitutions if you'd like to replace any meal.

How to Substitute Within Each Food Category

  1. Find the Food in the Category:  Categories include Starches, Meats, Milks, Fruits, Vegetables, & Fats.
  2. Foods are interchangeable within each food category. Note the portion size for one serving of each food item. For example, in the Starches category, you'll find the Breads & Crackers section. If your meal plan calls for a serving of bread of choice, you can choose either one slice of whole wheat bread, or 2 slices of "diet" bread, or 1/2 English muffin, etc. If you don't want bread or crackers, you can choose 3/4 cup of cold cereal (from the Cereals & Grains list) or even 1/2 cup of cooked corn (from the Starchy Vegetables list).