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  • The Hunger Games: Hugh Jackman's Fast 'n Crazy Diet

The Hunger Games: Hugh Jackman's Fast 'n Crazy Diet

by John McGran - September 11, 2013 - with 0 Comments


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The Hunger Games: Hugh Jackman's Fast 'n Crazy Diet

When it comes to getting ripped and dropping weight, Hugh Jackman is such an animal. But is it wise to use the fast lane to get in shape like Jackman did for his latest Wolverine movie?

Sexy Aussie Hugh Jackman worked his way into fighting shape for his latest take on the Wolverine character by slashing his caloric intake and ramping up an already grueling workout regimen. Going to such extremes is not something weight loss experts would recommend to you or me. But one look at a shirtless Jackman and you can't argue with the short-term results. Jackman recently told an interviewer: "I had to be on a strict diet of seven chicken breasts a day to get into shape for The Wolverine. I also had to work out three hours a day, two hours every morning at 5 a.m., and I had to squeeze in another hour on the set. "There was a time my wife used to feel sorry for me when I had to wake up in the middle of the night to go train, but now she kicks me out of bed when I grumble. She says, 'Go on, you know you love it.' And I do. I embrace everything that comes with this part."

For those who say Jackman's amazing six-pack abs are one part Hollywood illusion, well... go bite yourself.

The Wolverine director James Mangold said, "Hugh is one hell of a specimen. This guy is just in incredible shape. We can't possibly doctor every frame." Jackman, 44, gives all the credit to serious weight training and a strict eating plan. But he did note that he won't follow such a spartan lifestyle now that the movie has been released."I do it with intermittent fasting, so there's periods where I'm not eating and periods when I eat a lot," he said.

"It's an important theme in the character and the story, the control versus chaos, and having that very lean, muscular body with veins." Fasting forces the body to eat up its reserve fat - and that's why it results in dramatic weight loss. The downside: your metabolism pretty much screams to a halt, setting you up for the roller coaster ride of quick weight regain. But, when it comes to his body and his health, Jackman knows the ropes."I monitor my health. I get checkups. Generally, I'm in good health, but I don't want it to go south because I am putting on and taking off weight rapidly. I know that's a stress on the body," he said.

eDiets Chief Editor John McGran has an extensive background in online dieting and tabloid news. He covers the celebrity beat for eDiets.

Photo Credit: ©WENN 2013

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