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  • The Diet Program That Helped Mike Shed 80 lbs.

The Diet Program That Helped Mike Shed 80 lbs.

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The Diet Program That Helped Mike Shed 80 lbs.

Mike Graves is a cheerleader and poster boy for the Vitabot program that helped him shed 80 pounds and taught him to eat healthier.

Mike is closely related to the product – and its inventor. Vitabot is the brainchild of Mike’s brother, Joe Graves!

“Through using the program I refined the way I ate, and that made the results I got from exercising switch into high gear,” he said. “There's no huge secret, when you eat real healthy foods, your body will function optimally!”

Vitabot has since spread like wildfire throughout the health and fitness industry. It’s now one of the two platforms offered here at eDiets.

Mike admits he’s always loved food: cooking it, eating it, shopping for it – especially cooking it.

“I grew up in a large family who also loved food. At family events I remember my Grandma running around the whole time making sure everyone had eaten before finally sitting down to eat around the time everyone else was finishing dessert,” he said.

Trouble started when Mike turned 17.

He recalled, “I’ve got a car, I’ve got a job, I’ve got spending money, I’ve got total freedom, and I’ve got tacos. When you’re eating a taco… portion control is a little more important than when you’re eating kale.

“As a kid I rarely drank anything but water, and now I was having a soda with most meals. Nutrient timing was also something that I had little understanding, or cared for at the time. In layman’s terms: I was hitting the drive through at 2 a.m.”

Poor nutrition was offsetting Mike’s activities that included mountain biking.

“I still felt like I was living a healthy lifestyle because I was eating foods like broccoli, but the difference was that the broccoli was now covered with cheddar and I had a cookie on the side. So one soda led to another and I wound up over 230 lbs at 5’9” around the age of 21,” he said.

The turnaround began shortly after brother Joe developed the web-based nutrition planner he named Vitabot. It’s a high-tech device that doesn’t require a “Big Bang Theory” brain – despite the fact that Joe had served previously as the lead engineer for the advanced space robot, Ranger NBV, a robot designed to complete complex repairs such as those required for maintenance of the Hubble Space Telescope!

Mike became a lean, mean dieting machine.

“Once I made the decision to get fit, it was relatively easy to stay focused and not go back to unhealthy eating habits,” he said. “Vitabot was a visual guide, and really educated me on what I was doing. I made a rule that if it was processed, (in a box, bottle, or not grown that way) I wouldn’t eat it.

“My diet now consists of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, egg whites, lean meats, and lots of water. There was still the occasional slice of pizza with friends, but my overall lifestyle had reverted back to the way I was raised. Within the next year I had dropped over 80 pounds from my original 230 and was down to about 150.”

Mike now spends his days promoting Vitabot. His aim: to spread the word that proper nutrition and regular exercise really do get results!

Want to be like Mike? You too can drop weight – and have fun doing so – by choosing the Vitabot platform for your eDiets eating plan. Get started with a free diet profile.


eDiets Chief Editor John McGran has an extensive background in online dieting and tabloid news. He covers the celebrity beat for eDiets.

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