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Our Big, Fat List of Diet Bloggers

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Our Big, Fat List of Diet Bloggers

Journaling is a proven way to enhance your weight loss progress.

This week we’ve compiled our first big, fat list of bloggers – those inspirational women and men who write their wrongs and share great advice about healthy living so you and I can forge a better dieting experience.

Tina Lloyd, eDiets Social Media Community Manager, helped compile our lineup. If you have a motivational blogger you follow with a passion then, by all means, share their name with us so we can include them in our next big, fat list of dieting bloggers.


“Hiit stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It's the best way to burn fat and reshape the body. Our program is called ‘the daily hiit’ because we do a new hiit workout with you every day. Our workouts are short (12 minutes or less) but intense. Push at your max effort. Be consistent! Hiit your workout with us every day to see amazing results. Train with friends & family. Doing the workouts in a group or with someone else will help keep you both motivated! Make your effort count! Post your scores in the comments & leave your mark of success! I will share with you the recipes, the reviews, the races, the triumphs, and the defeats. We are in this journey called life together and I am here to hopefully motivate you to live it a little better.”


“www.bodyrock.tv & www.dailyhiit.com are your 2nd favorite websites in the world behind Facebook of course :D. If you want some banter and like to meet like-minded people & of course let the child within you free :D - this page will make you smile BIG & hopefully keep you motivated & on track every day. DailyHiit.com & Bodyrock.Tv are the fastest way's to your heart & your MoJo Kicking abilities :D The Content is mixed & delicious. Do not attempt to swallow your computer, we do not lose our flavor like most chewing gums. We rule because we care & we are a TEAM! Leave the Ego's at the door and come and join in ;)


“My name is Lisa and in my life before kids, I was a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, marathon runner, and overall fitness junkie. I woke up early to work out and I stayed up late to work out. I didn’t think much would change when I had children, so clearly I had absolutely NO IDEA what being a mommy was like! I started this blog in August 2007 shortly after the birth of my second son. Now, I am a mom of FOUR little boys and I struggle with finding the time each day to commit to my fitness and health goals.”


“My name is Christina and I created this blog to share my journey with you! If you are looking to lose weight, gain strength, eat healthy, take back your health, and/or need motivation and inspiration – then you’ve come to the right place! Just over one year ago I suffered a loss from a very late miscarriage. This loss resulted in depression, anxiety, weight gain, and a huge body image problem. I was the unhappiest I’ve ever been and it wasn’t just affecting me – it was affecting my entire family! I knew I had to make a permanent change and so I set off on a journey to lose weight and conquer my demons to become the happy & healthy person I knew I could be.”


“Hello! My name is Cassey Ho and I am a certified fitness instructor, creator of POP Pilates, the designer of oGorgeous Bags, and a lover of all things healthy. I am so happy that I get to spend my time teaching people how to live to their best potential all over the world thanks to YouTube and this blog.”


“I’m a young woman who has fought problems with weight loss for years. After picking up weight at a rate of 20 lbs a year, I finally decided to slow down, take some time to assess what I was doing to myself and why it was happening so fast. What was I doing so wrong? I don’t think I have all the answers. I DO know that the answers I DO have are the ones that have helped me lose – and continue to lose all the weight that I’ve shed over the course of one year. The knowledge that I’ve developed over this year will change my life, and it’s unfair for me to horde it all for myself when I know my sisters – regardless of whether or not you’re a sista, per se :) – could benefit from hearing it.”


“Currently The Sweaty Betties are working to build a fitness empire filled with laughter and a love of  fitness, helping their fans understand that to love yourself is not selfish and that fitness takes time. Danny-J is the owner of The Sweaty Betties: an ‘irreverent group of women who are looking to get fit and have a whole lot of fun along the way.’”


“Hi Everyone! My name is Tanee. (Don't worry, you will not be the only one that doesn't know how to pronounce my name lol). I'm a work-at-home mom of 3 children (who I refer to as my minions) and married to a globetrotting husband. I am from New Orleans :) My journey began in May 2008 after a lot of soul searching. I have been morbidly obese almost my entire teen age/adult life but after I had my 3rd child I was diagnosed with severe depression. I felt like I didn’t know who I was anymore. It got so bad that I almost ran my SUV into a tree and the only thing that stopped me was my children.”


“This blog was born in January of 2011. I wanted to share with others the success and struggles that someone trying to lose over 100 pounds would face. I am an open book here and sometimes you might just hear more about me then you care to know.”


"I'm Cammy, and after years of the diet cycle--trying, failing, trying, failing, trying--well, you get the picture--I finally discovered a successful path to losing 100 pounds, a path that required slow, gradual changes. The first thing you need to know is that those are not my feet. I have big bony, country girl feet that are not suitable for a blog header. So I bought some cute feet and am much happier for doing so. The second thing you need to know is that most–okay, ALL–of my medical knowledge comes from Reader’s Digest so you might want to check in with your doctor before you try anything you read here. Rest assured, though, that all of my knowledge about obesity and slothfulness comes from personal experience."

Also on the menu are a few sites we culled from other sources. These write-ups are taken directly from the blogs:


“Hi! I'm Theodora. I lost 50 pounds four years ago and discovered my own path to a healthy, active life on the run in NYC. Follow along for my adventures on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”


“Hello, I’m Annabel aka ‘The Cranky One’ and I’m based in Long Beach, CA. I began this blog three years ago to chronicle my weight-loss, however, as I have transformed, so too has this blog. My interests and passions now center upon size-acceptance, food- and obesity-politics, Health at Every Size (R), vegan food, feminism, and, most importantly, prioritizing who I am over what I look like.”


“PriorFatGirl started in August of 2007. For two years Jen fought, kicked and cried her way through losing 90+lbs. She was well on her way to hitting an official 100lbs lost by August 1st, 2009 which was her 2 year anniversary. She was planning a big ‘ol celebration around here… until her life changed the evening before her final weigh-in.”


“I had my guts rearranged (aka Weight Loss Surgery, RNY gastric bypass surgery June 2006). This blog is basically me rambling about my world. I also post recipes that I've adapted to make weight loss surgery friendly. I love to cook. I have always loved to cook. It's my creative outlet. I was scared that having weight loss surgery would put an end to my days in the kitchen but happily it did not.”


“Veronica “Roni” Noone started blogging in 2005 as a way to help stay accountable on her personal weight-loss journey. Seven blogging- filled years later, her mission is simple: inspire and share her ideas to live a lighter, healthier life.”


“Hi there! I’m Emmie (formerly Skinny Emmie), a thirty-two year old weight loss blogger, fashion lover, social media marketer, and writer. I’m on the journey from 455 pounds to healthy.”


“Ahoy there! I’m Shauna Reid, an Australian writer who moved to Scotland ten years ago in pursuit of adventure and kilts. I’m the author of a book called The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl and co-creator of Up & Running, where we help women discover their inner athlete with our kickass running e-courses."


eDiets Chief Editor John McGran has an extensive background in online dieting and tabloid news. He covers the celebrity beat for eDiets. 

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