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Mr. Bad Food: Tasty Herbs & Freaky News Blurbs

by Mr. Bad Food - April 17, 2014 - with 0 Comments


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Mr. Bad Food: Tasty Herbs & Freaky News Blurbs

Ready for your weekly fill of freaky food features? Then tuck in your napkin and dig in to News & Eeewws, Vol. 3.

Money for Nothing

There are times that you just have to question the thinking behind food studies. For instance, who thought the results of this study would be anything but expected?

Junk food diet causes laziness, study says

I mean… DUH! Is this finding really NEWS to anyone?

"A diet full of processed food isn't only a potential cause of obesity, it can also lead to fatigue and laziness, according to new research."

If you have the energy, you can read more about it here. In the meantime, please pass me a handful of those McDonald’s fries and maybe a Twinkie or two. My butt is glued to this couch.

The Herbal Essence

Contrary to popular belief – a belief linked to the boob tube-addicted crowd – you don’t need a chia herb garden to grow herbs at home. Turns out home-grown herbs are a great way to add zest to your meals without salt to your system.

And just to be clear: when we say home-grown herbs, we are talking about plants used for flavoring food… NOT the leafy green stuff used to pepper your perception of reality and super-charge your appetite!

“Herbs can add a lot of flavor to cooked dishes and lead to reductions in fat, salt and cholesterol,” said Gary Gao, a horticulturist with Ohio State University Extension.

Chew on this feature for tips on how to start your own home herb garden.

Who Ordered the Thumbtacks?

Talk about food that’ll stick to your ribs… stomach lining and intestines, too.

A jezebel.com feature notes: “From metal bolts to thumbtacks to pieces of plastic, this has been a bad week for people who don't like to find entirely inedible objects in their delicious foodstuffs.”

Special orders don’t usually upset us – only when we’re in a hurry and the person ordering a special meal is standing right in front of us.

But no one wants – or expects – metal or plastic objects in their food. But that’s exactly what these folks got in three separate incidents.

NOTE: I think the reader comments are more unappetizing than the news roundups!

Read on and be prepared to lose your lunch.


Mr. Bad Food has made it his mission to seek out the worst of the worst foods so others can lead a healthier lifestyle. His new columns only appear here at eDiets!

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