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Hot Diet Trends

by eDiets Staff - May 27, 2014 - with 0 Comments


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Hot Diet Trends

Go Fruit Yourself!

Freelee AKA “The Banana Girl” has been making the news feeds of many popular online publications the past week, but this 30-something year old vegan is not new to the spotlight. In her recent Daily Mail article, Freelee is documented about her consumption of roughly 5000 calories a day, mainly of fruit based carbs and more bananas to make even a monkey go crazy! Want to see what Freelee did daily to lose almost 40lbs? You can get all the Banana girl you want via her Youtube daily vlogs. What are your thoughts on a drastic mono-type diet? Comment below!

Don’t Be Fooled By The Rock Hard Abs That She’s Got         

She might still be “Jenny from the Block” but she is eating to a different tune these days. Jennifer Lopez is now one of the many celebrities to become vegan! Although she only does “vegan” part time, JLO along with Beyonce, Bill Clinton, and Anne Hathaway have recently traded in meat for a plant-based diet and aren’t looking back.

Gluten-Free Doesn’t Equal Calorie Free

Are we all just suckers for the multi-billion dollar industry trend, labeling foods gluten-free? If you do not suffer from Celiacs disease, should you cut it out of your diet? ABC News has a special report for you to watch and learn about this “fad”. Then head over to our article about everything gluten-free to hear more about this celebrity-buzz-driven craze!


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