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Dr. Oz's Prescription for Fat

by eDiets Staff - June 11, 2014 - with 0 Comments


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Dr. Oz's Prescription for Fat

Do you feel you are working out harder than ever and dieting stricter than you have before and not losing any more weight? According to Dr. Mehmet Oz the secret does not lie in hours at the gym or even what is in your fridge, but rather in your hormones!

“When you have stubborn fat, you have to get rid of it by using your hormones as a weapon”- Dr. Oz 

Dr. Oz recently told viewers on his show, with the help of author Natasha Turner who wrote The Supercharged Hormone Diet, about the impact of hormonal imbalances on our bodies. Your hormones can wreck havoc on your digestive system, slow your metabolism, and increase your appetite. Hormones can even control where you body stores the fat!

Dr. Oz’s RX for getting rid of  various types of hormonal fat:

Have hard belly fat? Then you have too much cortisol!

Cortisol levels are directly related to stress. When under stress the body produces cortisol and this triggers your body to store on visceral fat which surrounds your vital organs. To decrease the production of  cortisol, try these at home remedies:

  • Sip on green tea because it is high in L-theanine which blocks the stress hormones and has been known to speed up metabolism and this can help to speed weight loss up to 21%.
  • Snack on almonds because they are high in mono-saturated fats. Mono-saturated fats help to eliminate tummy bulge and keep it from coming back onto your frame.
  • Take Holy Basil because within one week you will likely see belly fat diminish within a week. It helps the body cope with the “fight or flight” mechanism. This secret alternative will help with energy because it will allow you to sleep better at night. The recommended amount is 600 mg and can be found in various vitamin shops.

Have jiggly fat? Then you have too much estrogen!

Estrogen is a female hormone that is not only produced by the ovaries, but also fat itself. Even if you are experiencing menopause, you can be fighting stubborn estrogen fat! It is typically jiggly and you can grab it with your hand and “jiggle and wiggle” it. You think you have too much estrogen? Try some of these quick fixes to get estrogen in gear:

  • Try Flaxseeds. Sprinkle on these seeds to almost anything you eat. They help with fiber and fiber can bind to estrogen that hangs out in your gut and eliminate it when you void. Try to get 3-3 Tbs of flaxseeds daily.
  • An Apple a Day! Eat at least one pomegranate or apple a day to keep that jiggly fat at bay! Again, these fruits are high in fiber and can help bring the hormone into balance.
  • Take Indole-3-Carbinol because it is a sulfuric compound that helps the liever convert estrogen into a non-toxic form. You can get Indole-3-Carbinol from kale, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower or take 200mg twice a day. It also helps with fluid retention and to make you feel less bloated.

Got back fat? Then you have too much insulin

Insulin regulates glucose levels in the body. Too much insulin and your body stores the glucose as fat and hinders your body’s ability to burn this fat. Women who have tried some of these methods have found they lost up to 8lbs the first week!

  • Choose Whey Protein Isolate for your protein shakes. Keeps your insulin in check, curbs appetite and preserves lean muscle all while losing weight! Blend the protein powder briefly as vigorous mixing can break down the fat-melting properties.
  • Try buckwheat. It is a gluten-free grain that is a great substitute for wheat, rice and other starchy grains. It is lower in carbs and higher in protein and fiber which helps make you feel fuller, longer. There are plenty of recipes with buckwheat on Pinterest and DoctorOz.com
  • Reach for CLA because it is a fatty acid that makes cells more responsive to insulin so the pancreas does not need to produce higher amounts of the hormone. CLA burns fat by penetrating fat cells  and triglycerides. Those who take CLA supplements regularly increase their metabolism and reduce body fat without even adjusting their caloric intake.


For more information and more Dr. Oz tips visit www.DoctorOz.com




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