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  • Hot Diet Trends Week of June 9

Hot Diet Trends Week of June 9

by Tina Lloyd - June 09, 2014 - with 0 Comments


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Hot Diet Trends Week of June 9


Mediterranean Diet Linked to Healthy Kids!

New preliminary findings in a recent study, discussed at the European Congress on Obesity in Bulgaria last month, suggests that children who follow a diet rich in fish, nuts, grains, veggies and fruits, like the Mediterranean Diet, are 15% less likely to become overweight or obese.

Researchers studied more than 9,000 children in eight different European countries. Their body weight and fat were checked at the start and then again 2 years later. Of those children, Swedish and Italian children measured the best overall and had the best adherence rate to a Mediterranean Diet. In Sweden the compliance to the Mediterranean Diet was higher than those who actually lived in the Mediterranean because of their intake of cereal grains, nuts and vegetables. Cyprus measured the lowest at following a Mediterranean Diet, even though they actually reside in the Mediterranean!

What does this mean? Although they are just preliminary findings, we know that an overall balanced diet that is high in whole grains, nuts and vegetables is best for us. Want to get your entire family on a Mediterranean Diet? Click here to sign up today!

For more information on the study.

Ice Ice Baby

We have covered some pretty crazy diets in months past. From cotton ball diets to tongue patches, nothing is off limits! The last few weeks, the latest diet to hit the news is the Ice Diet by Dr. Brian Weiner. So, you lose weight by replacing food with a water substance? Go figure.

sccop in bucket of ice

Brian Weiner, M.D., claims that you can lose weight by consuming large quantities of ice, since your body needs to expel energy in order to bring ice up to your body temperature. On his website he says, “The More You Eat, The More You Lose”! Weiner continues,

While eating ice, you are serving two purposes. You are burning calories and not eating positive-calorie foods. … Ingesting ice at this level should not have any obvious adverse consequence in otherwise healthy persons. … The ingestion of one liter of ice per day appears to be generally safe.

Before you dump out your fridge with the healthy foods you have stocked up on, think again. Dr. Weiner has not done any studies to back his medical/diet claim. We are not even so sure he believes what he preaches. Using phrases like, “generally safe” when it comes to a diet, just does not make the cut.  Save your teeth enamel and don’t give into this fad just yet…Sip water instead!

Read more here.

Do you know of some diet trends we haven't listed? Comment below! We would love to hear from you!

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