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7 Ways to Heat Up Your Diet This Summer

by - June 23, 2014 - with 0 Comments


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7 Ways to Heat Up Your Diet This Summer

1. Start with a good plan of attack

Think of the reasons you WANT a healthy new lifestyle — more energy,

better health, or perhaps nicer clothes. Then pick a diet plan that’ll fit your laid-back summer lifestyle.

Your odds of stumbling or quitting fast increase tremendously if your willpower is wishy-washy.

Now spell out your mini-goals for the next two weeks… month… summer. And keep your eye on the prize — a healthier, happier you!

Now that’s better tasting that a second corn dog or bacon-topped grilled burger any day, right?

2. Create a weight loss pledge

It sounds kind of corny but a good way to stick to a diet this summer is to create a pledge, sign it and then post it on your fridge, dashboard and bathroom mirror. Keep your pledge simple but inspirational.

It can be as simple as this: “I WILL lose weight this summer and I WILL feel better by fall. I am doing this because I want to ________ (lose weight, feel great… fill in the blank with your most important reasons). My starting weight is _______; by _________, I will lose _____ pounds. My goal weight is ________ and I WILL reach it by ___________.”

Be sure to keep your pledge positive and specific.

3. Sweep away temptation

Spring is nearly over, but it’s still a great time to clean house. We’re not talking about dust, dirt and stains. We’re talking about cleaning out the junk foods from your fridge, freezer, pantry and cupboards. Toss out everything that won’t help you get healthier.

Then stock back up with fresh fruits and veggies, and junk-free yogurts and cheeses.

4. There’s a write way…

Studies have shown that those people who keep track of everything they eat tend to lose nearly twice as much weight as those dieters who refuse to pick up a pen or mouse. So grab a pen and start a food journal… and keep track of every nibble.

5. Enlist a support team

Successful dieters need a support team to lean on. There’s no reason to go it alone. Studies show that’s the worst thing a dieter can do — try to lose weight without leaning on a friend or fellow dieter for support.

You can find plenty of support among your friends and family members. You can also lean on your co-workers or members of your church or community groups you belong to.

It’s important that you pick people you feel comfortable being around. They should be people you trust enough to share your worries and goals with. Don’t pick people who will be afraid to call you out when you drift or use poor judgment!

6. Make room for exercise

It’s summer, so get outside and get away from smelly, stuffy gyms or mind-numbing treadmills. It’s much more fun to burn calories while you play! A few fun activities include beach volleyball, swimming, softball, jogging or brisk walking.

Make time for regular activity. Shoot for 30 minutes a day. That’s the length of your favorite sitcom, so put down the clicker (they’re mostly reruns anyway) and get moving!

7. Slip but don’t fall

Toss your outdated notions of achieving perfection with dieting. Trying to attain perfection is a great way to sabotage your resolve.

You’re in this for the long haul. A fatty fast food meal or a few extra drinks with the gang won’t doom a diet. So never ever use a slip as a reason to ditch your dieting efforts.

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