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Tina's Blog: Healthy Starbucks Alternative

by Tina Lloyd - July 18, 2014 - with 0 Comments


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Tina's Blog: Healthy Starbucks Alternative

So, I am kinda sorta...training for a bikini competition in November. Yup another Bucket List item. So one thing I have had to do, other than wake up at 4am for workouts, is cut out a LOT of things like sugar and milk (oh the fun things in life). I found this recipe for what is now known on Instagram as a #blendicano by user and fitness enthusiast @mshelllll. If you want some #fitspo she is a great account to follow. This drink is a delicious alternative to not having any milk or cream in your espresso because the froth from the espresso makes it seem creamy (or maybe my mind is playing tricks on me). It also gives you a little bit of sweetness with 2 sugar free shots of your choice, to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Here is how you order it:

1.) Venti Americano Double Blended

2.) With Sugar Free Syrup of choice (hazelnut, vanilla, cinnamon dolce or caramel)

3.) ENJOY!


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