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  • Meats & Sweets Increase Risk for Breast Cancer

Meats & Sweets Increase Risk for Breast Cancer

by Tina Lloyd - October 16, 2014 - with 0 Comments


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Meats & Sweets Increase Risk for Breast Cancer

A new study shows that breast cancer risks may be boosted when a diet rich in meats and sweets is eaten as a habit. This risk is as much as 60% higher than with a diet rich in soy, vegetables, and fresh fish. There is not a diet written specifically for breast cancer, but the study shows that certain dietary patterns can increase the risk. In the past, cancer rates have typically been low for Asian women, but as their rates are climbing, experts have begun to notice the effect of adopting the Western culture. Interestingly enough, while the meat, sweet diet did increase the risk, the vegetable-soy diet wasn’t found to protect against breast cancer. It sounds like we westerners are still better off adopting more of the Asian culture rather than the other way around.

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